Please note that if I provide you with any paid editing service referenced below, I cannot represent you as an agent. Specifics will be laid out in the work contract.

I offer manuscript evaluations, developmental edits, line edits, and coaching. If you would like to hire me for a sensitivity read, please go through Salt and Sage. If you would like me to look at your query and/or first pages, please go through Manuscript Academy.

Due to time constraints, I am taking on limited projects. The more I enjoy a project, the better I can serve you, the client, so I am also very selective in what I take on. Note that I exclusively work with people of color as a freelancer. To see if we’re a fit, please email me at stefanie@factnfictiontechnician.com with your query or a one- to two-paragraph summary of your work and the first ten pages of your work with the subject line EDIT REQUEST. Please describe your publishing goals and note the service you’re looking for.

I am committed to increasing financial access to the industry. While I cannot reduce prices on request, I am more than happy to talk at length about how I can adjust my services to better fit your budget.

Happy writing!