Tamora Piercemas: The First Adventure and Cook’s Cherry Tarts

This month I am determined to post one recipe for each week. After I decided on this one, I thought how brilliant it would be to make this holiday month all about some of my absolute FAVORITE heroines growing up. So…welcome to Tamora Piercemas! (Or: Piercemukkah, Pierzaa…I’m working on it.) Anyway. At the beginning ofContinue reading “Tamora Piercemas: The First Adventure and Cook’s Cherry Tarts”

Throne of Glass and Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Truffles

Throne of Glass is probably one of my favorite series of all time. Like any series, it has its problematic moments (why do I have to say this about every book?) but it also has moments that are knock-your-socks-off new and beautiful. I am a hardcore Rowaelin shipper and NO ONE CAN STOP ME. TheseContinue reading “Throne of Glass and Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Truffles”

Fire Touched and Mercy’s “Good” Chocolate Brownies

Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite series ever. It has its problematic moments, as many series do. But it remains one of the only fantasy books I’ve read that has a mixed-race protagonist. And Mercy is consistently gutsy, sensitive, funny, and every other stereotype-defying thing you could name. Plus, she bakes! So she’s prettyContinue reading “Fire Touched and Mercy’s “Good” Chocolate Brownies”

Percy Jackson and Blue(ish) Waffles

I’m going back to my YA roots. Next to Harry Potter, Percy Jackson is my most-read series. He probably gets up there into the teens and twenties. Whenever I want an easy, engaging, hilarious read, I go back to Percy 🙂 Percy’s mama, one of the best moms in literature as far as I’m concerned,Continue reading “Percy Jackson and Blue(ish) Waffles”